Investing in a US property also means being able to select properties according to your investment budget, personal taste, and the opportunities that the various areas offer in this respect.

Some interesting facts about American houses: buildings in the USA can have different styles. Some are typical in specific geographical areas, others reflect buildings from past eras, such as the colonial period. Depending on the type of property, the materials used can also vary.

This obviously also applies to villas for sale in America, which in turn differ in type, size, and architectural style. Now we will look at the typical houses that are found in America and try to dispel some of the myths surrounding American real estate.

Prefabricated wooden houses: why they are so popular in America?

Let’s start from one premise: in the collective imagination, from the point of view of materials, housing constructions, especially luxury homes, are always made of wood.

This is only partially true. While wood is, indeed, a material that’s widely used in the United States to build houses, it must be said that this depends above all on the area in which they are built (depending therefore on the level of availability of the raw material, which like everywhere else in the world is fundamental in determining the most common approach to construction) and also depends on the standard of quality required.

Basically, wooden houses are cheaper and the prefabricated style is the most common, due to its speed of construction and the fact that it’s very easy to find components.

This does not detract from the fact that in many other cases, especially in upscale areas of cities, the standard of choice is brick houses.

Styles of houses for sale in America

As mentioned, buying a house in the USA means evaluating villas and flats with very specific styles. Some are clearly reminiscent of European architecture, while others are designed to suit the needs of Americans. In any case, we can say that the most typical houses in the USA can be divided into the following styles: ranch, colonial, rustic, Tudor and Victorian.

American Tudor houses

Directly related to the British Tudor era, American houses in this style have large rooms and high ceilings, while exteriors are typically stone finished.

This type of house is typical in older areas of American cities, in both urban and suburban contexts.

American Victorian houses

Very similar to the Tudor style, the American Victorian style house has the particularity of giving much emphasis to the outside porch, and more generally to the open spaces around the house.

Typically, a US Victorian-style house is also recognisable by a turret standing out on one side of the building.

American Ranch Style Houses

The American Ranch style house is the American answer to the concept of comfort. They are generally single-level homes, where the concept of “open space”, especially in the living area, is applied.

This means that a house with a large living room and an equally well-sized open kitchen would be quite comparable with a Ranch style house.

Colonial-style American houses

The USA is at heart a colonial country. This means that many villas from past centuries to the present day have reflected, and still reflect, the architectural principles of that era.

American Colonial-style houses are characterised by architectural features taken from 18th-century England, with spacious interiors, colonnades on the outside and generally two floors of living space.

Rustic style American houses

These houses were designed to be the country homes of Americans, especially those who decided to live in rural areas at the beginning of the last century for work purposes.

Once the home of the lower class, the rustic style now enjoys a new prestige thanks to the fine finishes and a range of amenities that perfectly match the “natural” approach of the home.

Investing in the USA

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