Are you in a special economic moment that allows you to devote a good amount of money for investment purposes?

If so, there are many possibilities to be considered in order to optimise your financial resources.

In the next few lines we will look at how to invest € 100,000 safely and without any risk. This amount has been conventionally defined in order to summarise all of the statistically most probable medium-budget investments together in one category.

The property market in Europe

mercato immobiliare italiano

Real estate is one of the most valued scenarios when you have a certain quantity of money to invest for return. However, the domestic segment of this sector is affected by several variables that are crucial to analyse before deciding to make a concrete investment.

First of all, it must be borne in mind that Europe is still experiencing a crisis in the sector that shows no sign of abating, except for certain brief moments in the year.

This means that investing one hundred thousand euros in a house, with the idea of reselling it in the short term, represents a rather significant risk due to the spectre of property devaluation.

On the rental side, the situation is different: this specific segment is less impacted by the effects of the crisis, but an investor who decides to buy a property in Europe and rent it out will have to deal with very high taxation, in addition to the costs of renovation and maintenance of the property (which should be considered as fixed costs, i.e. net of fluctuations in the real estate market).

All in all, investing in European real estate is a very risky and far from successful operation at the moment.

In many countries the real estate market is very different from the Italian one. The USA, for example, has a lower taxation on real estate transactions than Europe and a leaner and faster bureaucratic apparatus than our country.

This translates into a greater investment feasibility on the part of interested buyers, together with the fact that the opportunities in terms of houses is broad and diversified, and thus accessible to different types of needs.

Concretely, if you are thinking about where to invest € 100,000, US real estate is probably a good option to look at.

villa a miami

Villa in Miami

This budget makes it possible to select properties of a high standard that are ready to be resold (or rented out) or that need to be renovated before producing an adequate income.

It is important to have knowledge of the area, relations with local authorities, legal expertise and, of course, a good network of properties to select from.

In this sense Remida Properties has been working for years alongside investors who have decided to profitably target the American real estate market. Remida deals with different types of investments in the US territory (especially in Florida), dealing with selection and acquisition of properties, satisfying the necessary legislative prerequisites, and finding buyers or tenants, as well as high, low or constant income transactions.

Choosing Remida Properties for your investments means relying on real estate professionals for financial purposes, carrying out operations that are tailored your budget and your needs in a short time and, above all, those that provide a certain return on investment.

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Vuoi scoprire come guadagnare con il mercato immobiliare USA? Compila il form!

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