Sunny, dynamic, rich, welcoming, glamorous: Miami can be defined in many ways, all correct but the list is never comprehensive. Miami is all this but also much more: a city in perpetual flux, that renews itself every day, but which for years has maintained its appeal to national and international tourists, especially in the high-end category.

Why invest in Miami

Many people wonder why Miami occupies such an important place when it comes to US investment opportunities. There are many reasons, starting with the tourism factor.

Miami is home to the airport with the largest international traffic volume in America. Its port is number one in the world for cruise ship traffic, and tourism in the city is a constant that tends to increase every year.

A favourable climate 365 days a year obviously contributes to making Miami a particularly desirable city for short trips as well as for a permanent “retirement paradise”, but there’s more. Miami is also an investment capital.

Over the years, there has been massive state and private investment in terms of infrastructure, and this now allows the Florida city to host a practically endless number of events each year, from Music Conferences to Art Basel and the world-famous Boat Show.

Events that attract the attention of thousands of people and that push the city to offer ever better services to its audience, both residents and tourists.

It’s not surprising, then, that it is one of the top cities selected by leading companies (such as those on the Fortune500 list, America’s richest or most promising companies) to host their official headquarters. Suffice it to say that more than 170 multinational corporations are located in the city alone.

Why consider investment property in Miami

In such a lively and responsive scenario, it is above all the real estate market, which in recent years has been experiencing a true renaissance in Miami, that has been positively affected.

The days of the 2008 crisis are long gone, and the new regulations put in place by the government and the banks mean there is no chance of another crisis like the one that occurred twelve years ago.

On the contrary, investment in real estate has grown exponentially thanks to new projects and redevelopments in different areas of the city, mainly driven by increasing demand.

Investing in real estate in Miami is also particularly attractive, if you think that in the Florida city you can buy about three times more space, in terms of square metres, for the same amount of money, than you could in New York, for example.

Taxation is also much lighter than in European countries. The American tax system is designed to encourage investment and therefore offers solutions that allow for significant reductions and deductions on costs incurred.

At the same time, by choosing an experienced expert like Remida Properties, it will be possible to evaluate a real estate investment through a corporate vehicle that will allow you to save big money on the more onerous taxes generally applied to foreigners.

Best areas in Miami to invest in

The possibilities for real estate investment in Miami are many and varied, just like the different needs and possibilities of the client.

One of the most popular neighbourhoods is Downtown, which is popular with local and foreign tourists, despite being a predominantly business area. However, this is another reason why it is an area rich in services and opportunities.

Miami Beach and Wynwood are perhaps the most characteristic areas of the city, where tourists and newcomers alike seek “the real Miami air” featuring Cuban and Puerto Rican influences, the culinary delicacies typical of these cultures, and a bustling commercial scene based on souvenirs and gifts.

Increasing protection in terms of security and surveillance – a not insignificant detail – has for years deterred any increase in crime, to the benefit of safe and controlled neighbourhoods.

Finally, the district that perhaps attracts the investing public more than any other is Deco, the “home” of Art Deco, which finds its highest expression here. An artistic district full of original villas and colonial buildings from the Spanish period, perfect for those looking for a unique and picturesque place to live in one of the most welcoming cities on the planet.

So, investing in the USA, and particularly in Miami, is an important opportunity that should not be missed out on. Thanks to real estate crowdfunding, it is also possible to participate in first-class projects with a secure return on investment without having to incur particularly high costs or undertake extensive real estate research and analysis.

The investor who joins a crowdfunding project does not take on any legal responsibilities or particular business risks, but only plays the role of a financier and can count on a good interest margin, thanks to the choice of Miami as a safe and profitable place for his or her real estate investments.

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